Tips To Plant a Tree

Certified arborists are usually contacted to give some tips about planting new trees. The process of planning and preparation would be helpful to promote the vitality and health of recently planted trees in your yard. In this article, we will help you know what the best ways to plant and the best measure:


As previously stated, preparation and planning are vital in making a healthy plant. The last thing we would like is to spend our time and invest financially just to see that the plant that you planted dies eventually. Here are reasonable tips for you:

Plant for your environment

Guarantee that the trees you’re planting would be fine regardless of the climate of your area. Similarly, you need to know your purpose as you plan: is your tree intended for wind barrier, privacy, or shade? You have to appropriately select the tree type you will be planting.

Consider your location

You want your tree’s branches and root systems to get a wide space for them to develop and grow. It is vital to know the expected tree development of a particular species so that you can prevent to plant a tree that would only outgrow its area. In short. You have to plant the location where you want to plant a tree according to its anticipated growth and tree type.

Things to do:

Properly dig your hole. It must be approximately 2-3 times the root’s diameter and dig enough so that the root balls can be contained.

Water after you plant. Regularly check soil moisture. You can check it by inserting a knife into the soil. Once you can notice that your knife has remnants of soil watering, then stop. If there’s no soil, then keep on watering.

Get rid of metal or plastic containers around the root ball. If the root balls are covered in burlap, you should guarantee to cut away the wire or rope, which holds the burlap in place.

For the first 2-3 developing seasons, you have to wrap young trees on winter seasons.

Ultimately, you have to inspect your trees whether they have a disease, infection, infestation, weeds, and insects. If unsure, then contact the best arborist near you.

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