Launching new photography project

As a Liverpool Wedding and Portrait Photographer in the area, the daily journey to my studio in Liverpool takes me across a beautiful pastoral landscape and is a great opportunity for me to capture this on film.  Photo-Friday is basically an excuse for me to post my favorite photograph of the week, on any subject that takes my fancy.  It could be a photograph I’ve taken purely for my own pleasure or a photograph from a recent photography shoot.  I’ve decided to start with these photographs of wild poppies growing in a farmers field that I drive past on my way to the Studio. I spent about 20 minutes to get these shots, most of that time was spent waiting for the sun to come out to play from behind the clouds, while cars sped past at what seemed like 100mph. They must have wondered what on earth I was up to stood there with a camera around my neck looking up at the sky. It was a really windy morning and the poppies were moving about so much I could not get the composition I was looking for, but over the years I have learnt to go with any problems and use them to my advantage. I think the finished result makes the poppies look very delicate almost like tissue paper. This project is ongoing and I will be posting new images from the Liverpool, Southport and surrounding areas and I will not be limiting them to natural landscapes but rather any subject that captures my imagination….

Photography of poppies in a field.

Photography of poppies in a field.

I would love to hear what you think about this new photography project and provide any feedback about this weeks subject.