This weeks photo Friday from Andrew John Photography has got to be something to do with the Southport Flower Show as it started on Thursday 18th. So I went for a stroll along Rotten Row – the road that runs along-side Victoria Park where the show is held annually. Ever since I have lived in Southport I have wondered why such a beautiful road would be called ‘Rotten’, I know it was probably named after the Rotten Row in Hyde Park,London, anybody who can enlighten me as to the origins of the name ‘Rotten’ please leave an answer in the comment box below.

Both sides of the road used to have superb floral displays but unfortunately due to the cutbacks they now only display on one side of the road. A good idea might be to put more inanimate objects, like statues and art work, that will not have to be maintained, what do you think?  I chose a sunny evening to take these photographs in the golden hour – that is the hour running up to sunset for those not in the know.  Dawn will also give you simlar light and fantastic shadows and textures to play around with.

Hope you like the stroll too,  Andrew.