portrait faqs

Will it be you who take the photographs?

Yes, and all the photographs on the website are by me.

How long will the shoot last?

No longer than one hour, maybe less with toddlers and babies as there attention span is not that long.

How many photographs will I have to choose from?

On average about 30 to 60.

Do you retouch the photographs?

Generally there should be no reason to. I have a wealth of knowledge of using good lighting techniques, taking away the need to retouch or enhance the photographs.

How will I view them?

This takes place at the studio or at your home which ever you prefer. I create a digital slide show for you to view. When you have enjoyed the show we will then edit the photographs down to your final choice.

Do you have a good selection of frames and presentations?

Yes I have a vast selection of frames to choose from that will suite your home.

How do I know it will look right on the wall of my home?

Don’t worry I provide a service were I can superimpose your portrait on to a virtual wall of your home. Please ask for more details on this service (free with all wall portraits) click here to see an example.

What should I wear?

If there is more than one person it’s good to co-ordinate the colours, go with all smart or all casual, you are welcome to bring a change of clothing along also. You know what you feel confortable in…

What If the baby is not in the mood?

I try to avoid this by choosing the best time for the baby, after a sleep and being fed, but you know them best and I will be guided by you. If there is a problem we can wait for up to about half an hour or just reschedule free of charge.

What If I don’t like the photographs?

It’s not happened yet, but If it did, you are under no obligation to buy. You can either reschedule a second shoot or I will refund your sitting fee.

What If someone is ill and can’t make the appointment?

As long as you let me know in advance that you can’t make it, we will just reschedule free of charge. If you don’t let me know in advance, unfortunately you will lose the booking fee.

Do you offer portait albums?

Yes, I have various album styles to choose from please ask for details. I also provide a next generation album which has proved very popular. It is three shoots over a year and can include family. The photographs are then designed into an album, ideal for new born babies because you see how much they change over time. First shoot lying down, second shoot sitting up third shoot walking. This final shoot I normally do on location.

Can you supply a make up artist?

Yes, I can provide a make up artist If you feel like some extra pampering. Please ask for a quote.

How do I book a portrait session?

Call me directly or contact me though the online booking form .The booking fee is £75 for a studio shoot or £100 location fee.

What do you charge for wall portraits?

I am very open about my price structure and it is simple to understand one price for any style of frame or frameless portrait and then priced by the longest side. please see portrait price list for details..click here