Wedding at the Inn At Whitewell

Wedding – Lydia & Gareth
Venue – Inn at Whitewell
Church – St Michaels Whitewell Church
Andrew John wedding photographer Manchester attend the fabulous wedding of Lydia & Gareth. They got married at the charming St Michaels Whitewell Church situated next door to the historic Inn at Whitewell near Clitheroe. They nestle together in a fabulous rural setting high on the banks of the River Hodder with spectacular views of  the rolling hills and down into the valleys in the heart of the Forest of Bowland. In the 1300’s The Inn was just a small manor house, lived in by the keepers of the Royal forest. The Royal connection still remains as the Inn forms part of the Duchy of Lancaster’s Estate. It was not until comparatively recently, during the 1700’s, that the building was transformed into a resting place where travelers en route to or from Lancaster could safely stay before continuing their perilous journey.
After the ceremony, the bridal party strolled down to the river bank to have photographs taken. The whole of the bridal party were very keen for having photos taken on the stepping stones across the river, as it had been raining the day before the water level was quite high but even this didn’t stop them !!! Great fun was had by all.

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