Wedding Ideas! New and Cool….

WEDDING IDEAS – Brides are always looking for new and cool ideas so I thought I would start to post ideas I come across while shooting my wedding photography Liverpool. I love this idea because its simple but sophisticated.  John and Hannah had there reception atMeols Hall and for the name places they used the wire tops from Champaign bottles and made them into miniature chairs.  Hannah was taught how to do it when she was aged 14 by her nan. The problem was how to get hold of 150 champain tops.  While in London they visited St Pancras Station, famous for being the longest Champagne bar in Europe. The bar normally disposes of the Champage bottle wire tops, also known as ‘muselets..’ They asked the staff if they would keep some back for them – they ended up with hundreds. Of course they looked for the most expensive Champagne branded ‘muselets’ for their own name place setting.

If you want to learn how to make these wonderful little place setting for yourself I have discovered a great website at INSTRUCTABLES that provide full instructions on how to make them.

A word of warning apparently you end up with sore fingers, and possibly a sore head!!